BIG IDEA: In our ongoing quest to support all things local, here's Nola's own HH Whitney House. There's an art to the kind of hospitality practiced at the B&B—an ability to anticipate not only what guests need, but what would make their time in town extraordinary. Glen and Randy's investment in their family—biological, adopted, and guest—and their ongoing warmth makes this my sweet home away from home. 

VISUAL CHALLENGE: We wanted to get at the warm, familial nature of a stay at the HH Whitney, so we had little Randi give us a tour. Welcoming me at the door, she launched into an introduction of the solarium. Gorgeous, I said. It's your room! she replied happily. I traipsed around her claw-footed, tropical gardened, Italianate surrounds as she showed me around the place with the polished grace of a petite princess.